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#GiveLeeds is here to make it easy for you to donate to grassroots charities and community groups in Leeds this Christmas.

It’s estimated that every Christmas people in Leeds waste £500,000 on unwanted gifts. At Zero Waste Leeds, we can’t stand waste!  And this year more than ever, we want to do our bit to help to reduce waste – and do some good.

So we’ve set up #GiveLeeds – a month-long campaign to make it as easy as possible to donate to grassroots charities and community groups in our city.

Groups that have been there for people during COVID19, day in, day out – in the most challenging times most of us have ever faced.   From lunch clubs to youth clubs, food parcels to theatre workshops, community cafes to socially-distanced walking groups – and just about everything in between!

And whilst that work has been done with such an amazing spirit of kindness and generosity, it has also come at a cost.  Budgets are stretched – and traditional ways of raising money – supporters running marathons, cake sales in the office, or rattling tins in shopping centres – have all but disappeared.

That’s why we’ve set up #GiveLeeds, to make it nice and easy to donate directly online.  

Inspired by #BuyLeeds – a citizen-led campaign to support Leeds businesses – #GiveLeeds is showcasing some of the brilliant charities and community groups in our city – and making it as easy as possible for you to donate directly to them.

Instead of that last minute panic shop this Christmas, why not give a donation to one of these amazing groups in lieu of a gift? 


Who’s behind #GiveLeeds?

#GiveLeeds has been set up as a month-long campaign by Leeds-based social enterprise Social Business Brokers CIC – inspired by their Zero Waste Leeds project.

Social Business Brokers CIC was set up 10 years ago by Leeds-based social entrepreneurs Gill Coupland and Rob Greenland.  Their aim is to come up with collaborative solutions to complex social problems.

They set up Zero Waste Leeds in 2018 – to build a movement to help Leeds to become a Zero Waste City.  

#GiveLeeds has been developed as a campaign to achieve two main things:

  • To make it as easy as possible for people to donate online to local groups
  • To reduce waste, by giving people an alternative to buying unwanted gifts

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